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Veggiecation with a touch of sass, TAGULAN is a lifestyle apparel company based out of Vancouver, Canada that donates a portion of its proceeds to supporting educating children about urban agriculture. Using ethical, eco-friendly fabrics, TAGULAN sells super-soft sustainable, tees, tanks and comfies to share the love of the gifts Mama Earth gave us: home-grown gardens, healthy living, and outdoor play. On a mission to cultivate community, TAGULAN is also the premiere apparel printing company for like-minded brands. 

We sell a unique hand-printed collection of super-soft, clothing that is well designed, ethically sourced, high quality product. A Vancouver-based company incorporating its multi-culture and the casual, comfortable, outdoor style of the city into our designs and attitude. 

We are dedicated to supporting within our community knowledge that will sustain our natural food sources, benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of protecting our environment  from generations to generations.

We will continue to grow our selection to include an assortment of local designers and independent labels from across Canada, the U.S. and abroad.


about our founder - Henrietta Devine 

Henrietta Devine is the enabler of all good things: good conversations, good connections, good product, and good vibes. Committed to elevating the quality of all she touches, Henrietta is the founder of Tagulan, a lifestyle apparel company that focuses on bringing play and sustainability to life through super soft, comfy tees - with a kickback to community initiatives that support local agriculture and education. Whether working with large companies or individuals bringing their big visions to life, Henrietta focuses on partnering with heart-centered, globally-minded brands committed to driving positive change in the world. A mother, a yogi, and music-lover, Henrietta is a change maker, who does so with dedication, persistence, and heaps of fun. 


stock list

SXSW, Camp Yoga, One Yoga for the People Vancouver, Blissology, Pop-Up Shops at West Elm, Cedar Rim Nursery, Lifespace Gardens, GardenWorks, Rustic Roots, Scout & Co, Chopra Yoga, Victoria Yoga Conference, Shanti Yoga, Shala Yoga, Yoga Generation, North Shore Green Market, River District Market, Fall for Local Market, Market for a Cause, Portobello Market, Vegan Fest, Veg Fest, Veg Expo, New West Market, Car Free Day, Khatsahlano Day, Vancouver Folk Fest, Wanderlust 108, Granville Island - Canada Day, West Coast Christmas Show, Vancouver Home Show, Vancouver Women's Expo, Baby & Tot Show, Health Expo, Arts Council of New Westminster, LOCO BC, Various local fundraising events


Coming soon: Whole Foods, Be Fresh, Fresh St. Market


Cultivating community 

Camp Yoga — Community starts when you wake up: roll out of bed and share a meal at large tables with friends you haven't met yet. Crush some power sweats to shed the unwanted. Hold hands in savasana to share your energy. Tip back some casual drinks as you sing along to live music. Bringing together life ambassadors from all over North America into the wildness, Camp Yoga is where you wanna be.


One Yoga — One Yoga is a vinyasa studio in Vancouver and believe that steady practice will lift one to the heights of yoga. The One Yoga community offers a supportive, encouraging environment inviting all to open your eyes and look within.


Acro Yoga with Millissa Greenwood


Coast Cricket Protein — Coast protein is a premium brand of cricket protein bars. What sets us apart is our passion for sustainability. Sustainable Cricket Protein Bars & Powder • Dairy Free • Gluten Free • Non GMO Made in Vancouver


LifeSpace GardensOne day there will be a garden on every balcony, in every yard, on all the rooftops and in the most beautiful public spaces. Communities will come together; food and those who grow it will be elevated and valued; life will flourish, culture will grow, and nature will replenish. A Vancouver Company.


 Sprouting ChefsIndividually assisting in the development of the next generation to create more empowered awakened children; equipping them with skills and self awareness to contribute to the change needed in the world.


West Coast Strength & MovementThis is a space that facilitates the trainer to coach connection. We aspire to inspire your progression. We seek to simplify your journey in becoming better. No matter how you break it down, the inherent component of progressing your strength and health is doing the actual work.  Through application of methods that have stood the test of time, as well as implementing the most up to date approaches based on science and experience, we will guide you to achieve your goals while continuing to grow.


Hagensborg Truffle Pig Chocolate - Hagensborg has produced and sold specialty chocolates to retailers throughout North America and beyond. In 2017, we felt that it was important to dig deep in to our supply chain and it led us to discover the true horrors of the cacao industry, the trafficking of children. How can we say we are sweetening the world while supporting these horrors? It was clear that we needed to source our cacao directly from farmers with strong human values and pay them a premium above world market prices. This year we are re-launching our Truffle Pig chocolate bars with slave free, directly traded cacao sourced from small high quality Central American farmers.





"Why didn't I come here sooner?" — Henry

"Thank you for the super soft t-shirt! I wear it all the time. " — Jenifer

"You're an inspiration. I've changed the direction and of my career choice " — Brian

"No better way to spend a weekend than with good food and good friends in my comfy shirt. " — Melissa