How do you pronounce TAGULAN?
            tag u·lan   [tag-oo-lahn]

What does TAGULAN mean?
Tag-ulan is Filipino for rainy season. Living in Vancouver, where it generally rains half the calendar year, the name seems fitting. 

Tag is also a game of touch that we all love to play. Since ulan means rain it can also come to mean Touching the Rain or Playing in the Rain.

Our Roots

My family come from a long generation of farmers. My dad is Fijian with Indian descent who own a sugar cane plantation. My mom is Filipino and her family owns and still operates a large rice farm in the northern province of Ilocos Norte. My parent's families stayed in their home countries while they travelled and eventually met and settled in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Born and raised in BC, I grew up in a suburban home at the end of a cup-de-sac, with a big back yard. My grandfather (I call him Lolo) had a vegetable garden that he tended to everyday and chickens that gave us morning eggs. As a child I remember waiting for the strawberries to grow to their biggest before slugs got to them; picking the sweet peas off the vine after school, harvesting all the best vegetables, making home-made soups and always having an abundance. This was everyday life for my family. This is where I learned to play with my food and have fun with it.

Now I live in a building near Granville Island with my own little family. We don’t have a yard of our own but we do have a balcony that we attempt to grow herbs on. There is community garden that was implemented in our buildings courtyard and a community garden at nearby schools and throughout the False Creek area. 

This company was inspired by the curiosity and love my daughter has for being in nature and all living creatures. And by my son who has boundless joy and playful energy to share with anyone who comes his way. 

As happy as we are spending time outdoors and in gardens, hands in the dirt, eating foods of their labour, making healthy food choices, I knew I didn’t have enough knowledge to teach them about agriculture in this urban setting. However, we are surrounded by many friends and organizations who do know.

So it was clear to us that proceeds from the products we sell are given back to the community as, and with, much gratitude.

We want to inspire adults to teach our children the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and healthy food choices. Please help us to support local organizations that can educate children about agriculture in the urban setting. 

Thanks a bunch!