The Magical Wake of Camp Yoga
Camp Yoga Surf View.jpg

It happened again…

Six times it’s happened and it takes me by complete surprise every time. My heart is full and my soul is fed and I relish the sensation. The joy can be too much and tears blur my vision.  I wonder if it happens to others too. It must. How can it not?


This is the aftermath of Camp Yoga for me. A weekend of becoming connected to community, showing up for others so they can allow themselves to let go of what they are carrying, share in tears and laughter, a glass of wine, and discover the expansion of personal growth.

I have been #blessed to be able to travel to cities around North America selling my TAGULAN brand as well as cultivate community through printed apparel for the guests of Camp Yoga. Seeing their reaction to the softness of our clothing and hearing they “have sweated in it all weekend and it still feels great and doesn’t smell” makes me proud to continually seek strong, sustainable materials.

These exchanges quickly turn into an open conversation sometimes sharing something they’ve never said out loud. I’ve had woman share details of their life experiences I never would have expected yet it’s relatable. We are all going through this life together. Show up; it’s beautiful.

I crossed off a top of the “bucket list” item this weekend at Camp Yoga. I learned to surf at Mondo Beach on the coast of Southern California. I LOVE IT! I love it is an understatement. Surfing is me! Learning to surf has stirred something inside of me that was always there.  I can’t begin to explain my wanting to go back and catch just one more wave. Manifesting my life in Ojai, in the sunshine, on the beach with the ocean waves, a bronco truck, my ukulele and my surfboard. I realize every Camp Yoga I’ve attended I have learned something new: Camp Yoga British Columbia was archery, Camp Yoga Alberta was horse back riding, Camp Yoga Colorado was cross country skiing, Camp Yoga California was surfing... Of course being guided by Lululemon Ambassadors is special too since I may not have the opportunity to practice with them in their studio.

This experience is offered at Camp Yoga. You just got to get yourself to camp. 2018 has a years worth of community building every month throughout North America. I know there’s someplace near want to go and something new you want to try. Don’t worry if your friends aren’t going, you’ll be making new ones. Cant wait to meet you!

I have surf to catch.